Ravencoin Full Nodes

Ravencoin — How to Run Full Nodes


  • Sign up for a Digital Ocean account.
  • Create a Droplet — “Regular Intel” CPU (80 GB) for $20/month
  • Connect to your new node (SSH or login)
  • Run these commands (see below for them all grouped together where you can copy/paste them all in one shot)

Download a zip compressed Ravencoin core:

Use the pre-installed python3 to unzip. No need to install unzip.

Uncompress the compressed file inside the zip

Helpful mapping so ravend and raven-cli commands can be run from any folder.

Set the maxconnections to 1000 so we connect to more nodes. Note: Will add to the end of the file.

Run ravend as a daemon (background process)

Print out “started” — Not really necessary, but adds an extra return for copy/paste so daemon starts.


What if we do it all in sequence, just paste this in.

To test and make sure a full node is running, do this from a different computer:

It should immediately return something like:

Hit CTRL-] to exit and then q and ENTER to quit telnet.

Once you’ve created one node, and it is fully synced, then you can create a snapshot, and then create new nodes from the snapshot and they’ll already be fully synced nodes.

Update: If you’re doing this on AWS instead, then you need to allow port 8767 in the security group. Also, AWS will be more expensive.

Freedom advocate, crypto developer, businessman, entrepreneur, and lead dev for Ravencoin — a top crypto-currency and asset issuance platform.

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