This is a common question I’m asked. My answer… I’m not sure, but I hope soon.

There are certainly lots of good reasons for Coinbase to list $RVN.

First, it's a platform, not just a crypto-currency. This means the usage has the potential to rival Ethereum. …

Ravencoin NFTs

This is a tutorial for creating NFTs on Ravencoin from scratch.

There are lots of ways to create NFTs, but this tutorial will demonstrate the easiest route to create Ravencoin NFTs using MangoFarmAssets Wallet, and RavencoinIPFS.com. This post assumes that you don’t have any RVN to start with, and that…


First of all, congrats to DOGE for capturing the imagination of so many people. More people experiencing the magic of crypto-currency is great. I love how a not-too-serious project can still exhibit the fundamental behaviors of crypto-currency. …

pRVN (RVN) on the Binance Smart Chain

This is super new, so be careful. For advanced users only.

Ravencoin (RVN) is now able hop over to a smart contract chain. Nope, not Ethereum. It’s the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

First, what does this mean? It means RVN value can be used in smart contracts that let you…

Braveland Campus — For Ravencoin

Close your eyes and imagine an educational and business campus built specifically for Ravencoin. What would it have? Maybe an auditorium with 3 massive screens for presentation and seating for seven hundred. Not enough? Ok, maybe two of these auditoriums. And perhaps a concert hall for celebrating the Ravencoin halvening…

Ravencoin Gift Cards

One of the simple uses of assets (tokens) is a gift card. A gift card is simply a pre-paid item or pre-paid value. You see them hanging in the grocery aisles and redeemable for $25 Cold Stone Ice Cream, $15 Starbucks, or $50 for Home Depot.

These cards you see…

Restricted Assets on Ravencoin — Built-in tools for staying compliant.

When selecting a token technology, you should choose the technology that works best for your project. The ERC-1404 smart contract attempts to add some tools for issuers. Ravencoin does the same through Restricted Assets at a far lower cost while keeping features like IPFS, meta-data, memos, and unique names.

Ravencoin Full Nodes


  • Sign up for a Digital Ocean account.
  • Create a Droplet — “Regular Intel” CPU (80 GB) for $20/month
  • Connect to your new node (SSH or login)
  • Run these commands (see below for them all grouped together where you can copy/paste them all in one shot)

Download a zip compressed…

Mining Ravencoin

With the recent RVN price gain, RVN has once again become one of the most profitable coins to mine. This has led to lots of questions about how to mine. Jump to the bottom if you just want the HOW.

Why mine? Because you get RVN, and because it helps…

Tron Black

Freedom advocate, crypto developer, businessman, entrepreneur, and lead dev for Ravencoin — a top crypto-currency and asset issuance platform.

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