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For those who feel like the financial system is stacked against you, this article is for you.

If everyone is playing by the same rules, isn’t it a fair game? Sure, unless the rules single out individuals or groups and give them different rules. Guess what!? The Accredited Investor rules, quite literally, give people different rules based on how much money they make (or have). Imagine playing the game of Monopoly, but you join mid-game and if you’re not in the top 10% of asset holders, you’re prevented from buying most of the properties. But, you can still pass Go

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When selecting a token technology, you should choose the technology that works best for your project.

Tokenization Benefit

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The first Ravencoin meetup. We didn’t even notice Bernie.

I’m fired up. I haven’t had much sleep. I’ve been following the Game Stop $GME story for only a few days. I wasn’t there at the beginning. I’m not a member of the reddit group, and I wasn’t aware of what was happening until it was big enough to hit every news outlet and even the ladies on The View had opinions on the matter.

But now I’m engaged in this drama, and I can’t look away.

First, a bit about my background so you know why this interests me so much. I’m a developer with a Computer Science degree…

I have received a few requests to help recover RVN. These have come from either DM or from an e-mail I formerly held and was linked to a feedback e-mail on the mobile wallet. I no longer have access to or to I’ve asked to have them forwarded so I can still help, but my request was denied.

You can reach me at

The requests are usually along the lines of, I’ve entered the 12 words and I don’t see the RVN show up after hours of syncing.

In helping someone in-person today, I discovered that the…

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Ravencoin Birthday Cake — Happy Birthday Ravencoin

You’re now a toddler. You’ve just been through your terrible-twos, and what a year it was!

You share your birthday with your progenitor — Bitcoin. This is not by accident. You are a direct descendant. But you are taking a different path in a different environment. Sure you can hold value, transfer value, and provide a safe harbor from the ravages of the money printing insanity like your ancestor. But you have a larger purpose, a greater destiny, and unique role to fulfill. You are an asset platform. You’re not one ledger for one asset. You’re many ledgers for many…

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The Code Security Audit

The Ravencoin community raised funds to do a code security audit. The funds, totaling USD$40,000, were collected in four Ballet wallets held by trusted members of the Ravencoin community. The firm Independent Security Evaluators was selected.

More about the security audit:


The security evaluation has been going. We’ve been told the report will be ready between December 28th and December 31st. Once the report is released, it will be made public for the benefit the Ravencoin community. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

The Legal Fund

Early in Ravencoin’s history, exchanges required a legal opinion on whether RVN is…

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Mango Farm Assets — Ravencoin Wallet

Ravencoin is an asset platform that lets you transfer assets that you (or anyone) has created. You can use Ravencoin assets on these wallets:

This post is about MangoFarmAssets Wallet which is a web wallet that can be used on a desktop, laptop, iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, etc.

The wallet is very easy to use.

First, let’s cover a few important items before jumping to the how-to instructions. First, MangoFarmAssets is a non-custodial wallet. That’s an overly fancy way of…

Just an update to let you know that we discovered a virus false-positive on the Ravencoin Windows installer.

It was first brought to our attention in our weekly dev meeting on Discord.

After some research, we found that only Windows Defender detected the wacatac virus. You can verify this for yourself by downloading from here (, and uploading the file to for scanning by multiple AV programs.

Since there were no changes between 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 that would introduce a threat, we suspected that it was a false-positive. AV scanners use signature strings to detect viruses and can…

When selecting a token technology, you should choose the technology that works best for your project.

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Cost to Transfer

The cost to transfer Ravencoin assets is much cheaper than ERC-20 or extended ERC-20 smart contracts. The cost varies by load on the Ethereum network, and the network is currently at a pretty high load because of the popularity of DeFi lending, trading, etc. If your token needs this DeFi network for its value, then you may want to bear this cost. …

Note: The website for this is not built yet.

The HODLer representative will be voted on by the RVN HODLers. Every RVN you hold at the designated blockheight can be voted.

If you own lots of RVN, you get lots of votes. If you own one RVN, you get a vote. Pretty simple.

Before you get concerned that someone could just buy a bunch of RVN (driving up the price) and dominate the whole project, remember that the HOLDer representative, while influential, is only one seventh of the board making critical decisions.

How to vote

Eventually we may have a more elegant system…

Tron Black

Freedom advocate, crypto developer, businessman, entrepreneur, and lead dev for Ravencoin — a top crypto-currency and asset issuance platform.

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