Ravencoin Asset FAQ

Does it cost to issue assets?

Does the asset name have to be unique?

If asset names must be unique, then who gets them first?

Do I have to pay every year for the asset name?

When can I create assets on mainnet?

What about domain names?

Can I name my asset anything I want?

What is the token name with exclamation point after it? Did I create that?

What if I want to reserve an asset name, but later decide to sell it?

How many can I create of my token?

Do I have to pay fees to use the network and send assets?

How secure are the assets?

How do I send assets?

Can assets and Ravencoin be sent to the same address?

Can I see a list of all the assets that have been created?

Can I see a partial list of the assets?

How do I list assets that I have created?

What are sub-assets?

What can I use assets for?

Why are asset names limited to 31 characters?



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