Braveland Campus — For Ravencoin

Ravencoin — Braveland Campus

Close your eyes and imagine an educational and business campus built specifically for Ravencoin. What would it have? Maybe an auditorium with 3 massive screens for presentation and seating for seven hundred. Not enough? Ok, maybe two of these auditoriums. And perhaps a concert hall for celebrating the Ravencoin halvening. Some smaller offices for breakout meetings, each with a few large screens for showing off websites, reviewing documents, or viewing NFT art. Maybe even a conference hall with some tables for those chance meetings that lead to something huge. And an Expo Hall for anyone building on Ravencoin to show off their projects.

This campus should be decorated with Ravencoin memes, blockchain art, and educational videos about the Ravencoin project. What else? It should have lots of individual meeting rooms for anyone that wants to meet about Ravencoin projects. It should even have some intimate 2-person outdoor meeting places by the ocean to kick back and relax after playing soccer. Yes of course the campus should have its own soccer pitch. And an outdoor concert venue.

Now, where should this campus be located? A neutral country like Switzerland would be nice, or maybe near an ocean, with some boats. After all, Ravencoin is global. But wait, Ravencoin is also virtual. Yes, this campus should be virtual, and available 24x7 to everyone, whether they live in London, China, Korea, Paris, Russia, New York, or the smallest town in Kansas.

Thanks to another generous donation from Blockchain Tiger, this campus exists today. I’ve been there. I’ve danced, strolled, raised my hand, clapped, and laughed there. I’ve been to the education center and watched videos. I’ve been on-stage and learned how to operate the auditorium lights in preparation for future global meetups. Stay-tuned for the schedules.

This is not a joke, this virtual Ravencoin campus exists today, and you can visit with either a Mac or PC and VR is coming soon.

How to visit?

Go to Braveland to get the link, or jump straight to the download from Virbella.

You’ll register, login, create your avatar, and enter the Campus at any time of day. There will be times around the meetups when the campus will be filled with passionate Ravenites, and other times when you can wander, dance, and explore all the campus has to offer.

I’ll see you there.



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