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Ravencoin Birthday Cake — Happy Birthday Ravencoin

Ravencoin — Happy 3rd Birthday

You’re now a toddler. You’ve just been through your terrible-twos, and what a year it was!

You share your birthday with your progenitor — Bitcoin. This is not by accident. You are a direct descendant. But you are taking a different path in a different environment. Sure you can hold value, transfer value, and provide a safe harbor from the ravages of the money printing insanity like your ancestor. But you have a larger purpose, a greater destiny, and unique role to fulfill. You are an asset platform. You’re not one ledger for one asset. You’re many ledgers for many assets. On your 3rd birthday, you are over twenty-four thousand distinct ledgers for over twenty-four thousand different assets. Congratulations on your success.

Tomorrow begins a new era for you. You’ve been built, nurtured, and coddled by Medici Ventures’ development resources. Now you’re on your own. Medici has seen fit to help fund a foundation that will monitor you, support you, and educate others about your unique and amazing capabilities. You are a Raven, the cleverest of birds, and you’ll carve your unique path amongst the other top crypto projects. You’re also among the most decentralized projects. Wear that badge proudly, as you’ll appreciate your status in an ever encroaching regulatory crackdown on centralized projects.

You were born into a hostile and competitive environment, and you’ve come through stronger than ever. The threats will continue, and you’ll meet those threats as only a Raven would — with cunning, planning, flexibility and help from your family and community.

We’re so proud of you Ravencoin. Now fly, be free, and show the world the benefit of tokenizing assets on the Ravencoin platform.


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