Ravencoin — How to Run Full Nodes

Tron Black
2 min readMar 1, 2021


  • Sign up for a Digital Ocean account.
  • Create a Droplet — “Regular Intel” CPU (80 GB) for $20/month
  • Connect to your new node (SSH or login)
  • Run these commands (see below for them all grouped together where you can copy/paste them all in one shot)

Download a zip compressed Ravencoin core:

wget https://github.com/RavenProject/Ravencoin/releases/download/v4.3.2.1/raven-

Use the pre-installed python3 to unzip. No need to install unzip.

python3 -m zipfile -e raven- ~

Uncompress the compressed file inside the zip

tar -xf ~/linux/raven-

Helpful mapping so ravend and raven-cli commands can be run from any folder.

ln -s ~/raven- /usr/bin/raven-cli
ln -s ~/raven- /usr/bin/ravend

Set the maxconnections to 1000 so we connect to more nodes.

Run ravend as a daemon (background process) with -maxconnections=1000. You can also add this to ~/.raven/raven.conf (just leave off the dash).

ravend -daemon -maxconnections=1000

Print out “started” — Not really necessary, but adds an extra return for copy/paste so daemon starts.



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