Ravencoin — Security Code Audit Update

To move Ravencoin to the next level, the Ravencoin community has voluntarily contributed to a fund for a third-party code security audit.

This will give companies even more confidence to build on top of the Ravencoin tokenization ecosystem.

I’ve reached out to ISE about transferring the funds from the four trusted Ravencoin community members that currently hold the funds in RVN and BTC.

I’d like to personally thank all the generous individuals that have contributed to this effort. THANK YOU!

Update: The final funds are being transferred from the trusted community member Ballet Wallets to ISE. The kick-off meeting starts next Wednesday and we’ll get this puppy audited. This is a great thing for Ravencoin.

Update #2: The kick-off meeting for the code security audit took place earlier today (Nov 4, 2020). The plan is to have it completed by December 11, 2020.