Ravencoin — Independent Code Security Audit

Tron Black
4 min readSep 25, 2020

Ravencoin was originally forked from Bitcoin code, and new asset capabilities were added. But also Tags, Restricted Assets, dividends, IPFS meta-data, memos, Unique Assets, Sub Assets, messaging, and more.

It is my opinion, that these code changes need to be reviewed by more eyeballs. And not just any eyeballs, we need eyeballs connected to a security oriented brain.

Why? We all want Ravencoin to be the most trusted platform for tokenization of anything.

We asked ISE.io to put together a proposal to look at key areas of Ravencoin around mining, transaction security, and consensus rules around RVN and specifically asset issuance, and transfer.

Why ISE? They were recommended to me by Nathan Hauk who I met through Ravencoin and is an advocate of having all crypto projects be reviewed by security experts.

Here is a link to ISE’s proposal: https://betterproposals.io/proposal//index.php?ProposalID=J9rmZ_WtOnY0NSIrSh-ew2E5GoOCg4bYiMwNfLHrYZw

The cost for this third-party code security review when paid up-front is $39,999.00 (US).

Since Ravencoin is an open-source community project and belongs to everyone, we need to rally together to fund this effort.

What do we get in return? We get peace-of-mind, pre-emptive detection of vulnerabilities, and a report on the security of the project that we can publish, which will be invaluable to tokenization projects that want to build on the Ravencoin platform.

How to contribute?

There isn’t a Ravencoin foundation yet. I’m working on it. So, how do we collect the funds? Decentralized cold wallets held by four trusted members of the Ravencoin community. The funds in a Ballet Wallet can’t be spent until the wallet is unsealed by peeling back a tamper-resistant sticker. For transparency, the funds can be viewed — by anyone with the bar code. And, even better, funds can be collected in any coin.

Here are four bar codes for Ballet Wallets, representing four trusted community members (Doug, Leon, Bradar, and Leighton). The Ballet wallets have been sent out, but only Leon has his so far — because he’s using one he purchased in the Kickstarter.



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