Ravencoin Update — 2019–07–08

tl;dr (details below):

  • Ravencoin hit an all-time-high in $USD at $0.08 each (up 497% YTD) on June 3rd.
  • Ravencoin did not participate in the recent BTC run. Ravencoin currently at $0.485 (394 sats).
  • Memos/Messaging and Tags/Restricted Asset active on testnet.
  • RVN added to CoinPayments on June 11th.
  • Media Coverage — The Sound Money Podcast, Cover of Block Journal, SavageMine, Hacked, CryptoGlobe
  • Tenth Ravencoin Song released — Parody of “You’re so Vain”.
  • Android Wallet with asset support released.
  • New wallet support from 6 third-party wallets added.
  • Ravencoin EU Meetup in Amsterdam on June 19th.
  • Trezor Support for Ravencoin web wallet.



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Tron Black

Tron Black

Freedom advocate, crypto developer, businessman, entrepreneur, and lead dev for Ravencoin — a top crypto-currency and asset issuance platform.