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Why Ravencoin?

Tron Black
2 min readApr 21, 2022


The content for this article is mostly from whyravencoin.com, a community operated website.

There are so many great reasons.

Ravencoin makes tokenization of everything from art to real estate, easy, legal, and transferable.

RVN’s human-readable asset names provide branding, provenance & value. Best of all NO Smart Contracts are required.

The design is such that all the requirements to tokenize the Stock Market are built into the core protocol.

Making it simple for you to tokenize just about anything you can imagine.

Code fork of Bitcoin

Fairly launched, proof of work mined chain with an asset-aware protocol that allows users to easily create and manage unique digital assets.


Representing a share of a project. Tokenize anything from Gold bars to Energy credits (Electricity, Wood, Gas, Oil, Wind).

Fair Launch

Announced on October 31, 2017, and released binaries for mining on January 3, 2018. Our truly decentralized experiment is believed to be compliant with the Supreme Court’s Howey test as is the original BITCOIN, unlike many of today’s dominant cryptocurrencies with clear leaders and home offices that issued pre-mine tokens for the enrichment of their core team.

Asset Issuance

Token names for Ravencoin digital tokens (assets) are guaranteed unique. The first to issue a token with a given name is the owner of that token project. Strictly first come, first served.

Easy to Mine

Designed to be mined on readily available consumer-grade hardware, the KAWPOW algorithm. is designed to be ASIC resistant and efficient on consumer GPU hardware.


RVN utilizes the InterPlanetary File System, a peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data with uniquely identify content-addressing for each file, making development easy & flexible.

Typical Asset Types

Most start-ups will only need a Main Asset (Brand Name), Sub-Asset (Product line, Music Album, or perhaps Movie) & Unique Asset aka NFT, all representing transferable ownership of a digital or physical item.

Messaging Stakeholders

Newsletters, game developers, non-profits, activist organizations, corporations and other entities will be able to issue transferable tokens for messaging specific users.


Allow the payment of rewards (or dividends) in the native token and is
automatically divided evenly and sent pro-rata to the holders of the asset.


Holders of a token can be notified of a vote, distributed 1:1 to the token holders. Votes can be returned to addresses that tally the votes making liquid democracy is possible.

Restricted Assets

A security or digital currency token that complies with regulatory rules when operating in peer-to-peer mode or subscription-based assets.



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